For the past few years, my art has been a reflection on the act of paying attention, on the passage of time, and on memory. My paintings vividly recreate people, places and brief glimpses of daily life as representational artworks. These sketches reveal the human landscapes through which we move and live each day – the ones we are oblivious to because we have interiorized them.

Laura Nieto Biography

My pursuit of observation has almost spontaneously prompted work along a new thematic line for me, floral still lifes, which I have designated “serene lives”. In these paintings, I evince specifically pictorial values that transmit slow-tempo visual experiences just like the “human landscapes”.

Both themes bring us closer to everyday moments and reveal the tension between respite and the wearing away of every perishable thing.

My artistic process has evolved over the years and while oil was the only technique I employed at the beginning, the pictorial process has now taken on a more central role, and I have been drawn to experiment with new mediums such as acrylics, aerosols and iridescent paints.

I conceive of all these scenes with the desire and the intention of upholding our right to contemplation and of inducing a new kind of appreciation for reality in the viewer, one in which experimentation and aesthetic pleasure are guaranteed.

Studio View


1978 Born in Medina del Campo (Spain)

1996 – 2001 Fine Arts Degree in the University of Salamanca

Since 2017 lives and works in San Sebastian (Spain)

Exhibitions and Art Fairs (selection)​


-Group Exhibition “Kunstessenzen XXVII”. Galerie Friedmann-Hahn. Berlin (Germany)

-International Printmaking and art on paper festival. FIG Bilbao
-International Art Fair Estampa 2021. IFEMA, Madrid.
-Group Exhibition. Loft8. Galerie Schnitzler & Lindsberger. Vienna

-Exhibition “Menschlischen Landschaften”. Galllery Schnitzler & Lindsberger. Graz (Austria)
-Solo Show «Der anhaltende Blick». Gallery Friedmann-Hahn. Berlin (Germany)

-Art Fair «Art Monpellier». France
-Solo Show «Con los ojos bien abiertos». Gallery Luisa Pita. Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
-Exhibition Group «AlzArte». Gallery Herraiz. Madrid (Spain)
-International Art Fair Art KARLSRUHE (Germany)

-Solo Show «Uneak-Instantes». Tabakalera International Centre For Contemporary Culture. San Sebastian. Spain

-International Art Fair Art KARLSRUHE (Germany)
-Solo Show in Galerie am Dom. Billerbeck (Germany)
-Exhibition Group «Kunstessenzen XVI». Gallery Friedmann-Hahn. Berlin (Germany)

-International Art Fair Kunst Zürich 16 (Switzerland)
-Exhibition Group. «Kunstessenzen XIV. Berlin Berlin» Gallery Friedmann-Hahn. Berlin (Germany)
-«Berliner Straßenleben» Gallery Mühlfeld+Stohrer. Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
-International Art Fair Art KARLSRUHE One Artist Show (Germany)
-Exhibition Group. «Kunstessenzen XII» -Gallery Friedmann-Hahn. Berlin (Germany)

-International Art Fair Kunst Zürich 15 (Switzerland)
-«Feiernacht» Gallery Mühlfeld+Stohrer. Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
-International Art Fair Art KARLSRUHE (Germany)
Exhibition Group.

-KUBOSHOW Art Fair. Herne (Germany)
“Contemplation” Eurostars Hotel Berlin (Germany)
-13. Art Fair HanseArt Lübeck (Germany)

-Berliner Liste, Berlin (Germany)
-“Art to Go” Exhibition Group. Eichblatt Gallery. Berlin (Germany)
-12. Art Fair HanseArt Lübeck (Germany)
-Gallery Meisterschueler, Berlin (Germany)

-Gallery Ajuria, Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)
-Hotel Casa del Capitel Nazarí, Granada (Spain)

-Gallery Reciclarte, Pamplona (Spain)

-Exhibition Group “Extramuros”. Rosa Santos Gallery, Valencia (Spain)
-Exhibition Group “Bravo”. Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, Valencia (Spain)

-Ajolote Gallery , Guadalajara (Mexico)
-Exhibition Group. University of Guadalajara (Mexico)

-Ateneu Fort Pienc, Barcelona (Spain)
-Young´s Art Room of Generalitat of Catalonia, Barcelona (Spain)

Prizes and Grants (selection)

Grant of the Foral Deputation of Álava. Program “Inmersiones”, Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)

Grant of the Montehermoso Cultural Center, Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)

Art residency grant in the University of Guadalajara (Mexico). Granted by the Government of Mexico and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Talens Grant. Barcelona (Spain)