Exhibition “Der anhaltende Blick”- “The Lingering Gaze”

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Gallery Friedmann-Hahn. Berlin (Germany)

Laura Nieto “THE LINGERING GAZE” – Painting

“I see my motifs as human landscapes.” – Laura Nieto

As an upbeat for their 15-year existence in 2020, GALERIE FRIEDMANN-HAHN presents new works by Laura Nieto, painted in her studio in San Sebastián. A catalogue will be published for the exhibition, as well as a short film about the artist, introducing her work, by director Sabine Carbon.

Against the darkness, the illuminated rooms of the cafés, restaurants and bars open out like stage sets. The silhouettes contained within remain hazy, moving like actors following an invisible script. Laura Nieto captures these found moments with her camera, that become glazed urban landscapes later in her studio and whom she describes as “human landscapes”.

Her oil painting appears almost sketchy, in which she deliberately foregoes the use of color and material. Working from the center of the canvas into the marginal areas, she devotes herself to the details that become visible only at second glance – the indicated movements, shadows and backgrounds. As in the tradition of Spanish figurative painting from Goya and Velázquez to the representative of the “New Spanish Realists” Antonio López García, light also plays a central role in Laura Nieto´s painting.

About the artist: Laura Nieto, born 1978 in Medina del Campo, Spain, studied art at the University of Salamanca. 2004 Artist’s residency/ working scholarship awarded by the Mexican Government and the Mexican Foreign Office, University of Guadalajara, Mexico. 2009 to 2017 working stay in Berlin. The artist lives and works in San Sebastián, Spain.